Ballarat Community Alliance Score Card

If you want an inclusive and forward looking Council then follow the Ballarat Community Alliance‘s #BallaratVotes scorecard. Remember that your preferences matter and may influence the outcome in your ward, so make your vote count.

John and Katja volunteering their time letterboxing our scorecard.

“We are letterboxing our neighbours because we want a more progressive Ballarat. As a teacher I see the tangible impacts these issues have on kids, and I want to help make a difference for them”

To make voting easier, we assessed candidates on how they will act on Aboriginal reconciliation, LGBTIQ+ inclusion, gender equity, housing affordability, disability rights, ageing and young communities, gambling harm reduction, unionism/workers rights, climate, environment and their commitment to working with the whole community.

We’d like to thank the volunteers who have helped make this possible and the candidates who generously answered surveys and participated in our forum. We’re glad that we got to know you better and we look forward to continuing to work with the incoming Council after the election.

The Ballarat Community Alliance is an association of progressive community organisations, advocating for a better Ballarat. We have worked furiously to get all this together. The questionnaire alone took 100’s of hours – put together by leaders from different groups and people with specialist knowledge, let alone making the intro video, putting a forum on, fundraising; co-creating values, objectives then a pledge; graphic design by volunteers, organising, meetings, score card etc. A mammoth task by an amazing group that usually don’t come together! It’s the first time Ballarat has had a united voice these issues during a local election. It’s the first time civil society has had a strong voice during a local election.

I invite you to see our intro videoforum, coverage in the times and courier. We’ve got candidates with the pledge on the FB page too and we’ll soon be publishing blog posts on different issues.

The Ballarat Community Alliance gives residents, like me, the opportunity to be present, active & involved in my local community, to have my say on issues of real importance, contributing to a progressive Ballarat. I want Ballarat to show leadership within our wider Australian community on: reconciliation & climate change, & to be a truly compassionate & inclusive city using creativity & community input to achieve these ends. This community alliance is making, & will make a difference, today, & into the future.

We assessed candidates based on their level of support for key asks around Aboriginal reconciliation, LGBTIQ+ inclusion, gender equity, housing affordability, disability rights, aging and young communities, gambling harm reduction and unionism/local workers, environment, climate, ICAN, support for cycling infrastructure and some others. This was measured through Rainbow votes score, answers to our candidate survey and pledge, ASU pledges, performance in forums, past voting record (climate, reconciliation, support for cycling, support for refugees, ICAN), their score for Ballarat Climate Action Networks questionnaire and assessment and past statements. We wanted at least 3 “green light” candidates in each ward because each ward has to elect 3 people – and one ward had a strong contingent that we had 4. The idea of the traffic light came from “A Forum for Democratic Renewal” based at Macedon Ranges who we got advice from. The draft scorecard was then put to the Ballarat Community Alliance for consensus. If we get time we’ll hopefully create a breakdown of each candidate which has areas where they can improve and what they did well.

Here’s some more people that have helped along the way and their story.


I am not affiliated with any political party, but I believe that living in community and being in community with others is inherently political. This is why it’s important for a platform for different groups to come together to advocate for the things that matter. To me, what matters is more opportunities to enable more of us to speak on issues of equity and justice. I want a council body that reflect on these issues and acts in the best interests of all of us.
“I want a council that looks forward and plans for the long term future. That listens to and heeds advice from experts. I want a council that takes meaningful steps toward reconciliation, that understands that climate action is not simply an environmental issue.
Above all I want a council that is governed by compassion, that is inclusive and accessible to all. 💛

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